Personal Property Insurance Plan: Why Do You Need This and How You Can Pay Less

The personal property insurance plan is known as the contents insurance. It reimburses you in an event which the possessions within your home get damaged, lost, destroyed, or even stolen.

What Does the Personal Property Insurance Cover?

The personal property insurance generally covers your contents of the home and personal belongings. Do you need the personal property insurance plan? In order to find out, you need to grab your camera or your smartphone and start walking through the home, opening closets and drawers, room by room, and snapping photos of everything which isn’t nailed down:

  • Clothing
  • Stereos
  • Computers
  • Rugs, window treatments, and the décor
  • Wine and spirits
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Televisions
  • Artwork
  • Dishes
  • Sporting goods and toys

When you take this kind of an inventory then imagine what this will cost in case everything is lost in the fire or flood –can you afford those to replace what is most crucial to you? In case not then you may need the personal property insurance plan.

Personal Property Insurance Plan: A Single-Family Home

In case you own a house then the homeowners’ insurance policy consists of the coverage for the personal property–generally totaling forty to seventy-five percent of an insured value of your building (you need to note that the building coverage isn’t related to the market value; this is based on the rebuilding costs).

The coverage for some kinds of the personal property like artwork, antiques, jewelry, and firearms, for instance–is quite limited. It ranges from 1,000 dollars to 2,500 dollars. You would find the exclusions in the policy in Section I, Personal Property, Special Limits of Liability. In case value of the personal property is more than the limits of the homeowners’ insurance, or in case you get the valuable items which are not sufficiently covered by the standard homeowners’ policy then you might require to expand the contents coverage with the scheduled personal property endorsement that is a personal article floater.

 Scheduled Endorsement Advantages

The riders cover a specified property. They establish the “value loss settlement.” It means that is the cause of a loss is excluded then an insurer pays a value loss settlement amount. This happens in case your property is stolen, lost, or even destroyed.

Property Insurance: Condos

The home insurance is a bit different for the condo owners. When these with the single-family homes purchase policies which cover a building structure and the personal property insurance plan (within the limits above) is also there. The condominium owners receive the homeowners’ coverage with the HOA dues. In case they need the home’s contents covered then they need to buy this insurance by themselves.

Content Insurance for the Renters

In case you rent then the landlord’s insurance policy actually does not cover the personal things. But, various renters believe that this does. Such misunderstanding might cause a bit bad feelings or the lawsuits between the landlords and the tenants. For such reason, carious advisers suggest that the landlords require the renters to have their own insurance cover for the personal property.

What Does the Renters Insurance Cover?

In case the landlord does not need you to buy the renters coverage then you probably must. The renters’ insurance costs must less than the condo or homeowners policies as this does not cover a building or a landlord’s personal property where a renter is living–for instance, the furnishings and the appliances in an apartment or a rental home.

Saving on the Personal Property Insurance Costs

There’re so many elements that actually determine a rate for the contents insurance and they include:

  • An amount of the coverage required
  • The quality of a cover (the replacement cost of your contents insurance versus the actual cash value, an inclusion of the inflation protection, etc.)
  • The history of filing claims
  • The credit rating
  • The deductible
  • Your location

Personal Property Insurance Quotes

When you know the kind and an extent of insurance coverage that you need then have a few quotes from various insurers for the same level of the coverage as well as with the same bells & whistles. You might shop for the home insurance online and thus make the informed decision.

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