Certified Life and Health Insurance Counselor

In the United States of America, the Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) is the insurance agent professional certification designation. Its certification program was by the National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research in Austin, Texas in the year 1969. A few of CIC courses could be there in order to fulfill the state continuing education needs for the licensing as the insurance agent.

A CIC program is for the producers, agency owners, brokers, agents, and agency & company personnel. To be able to attend the CIC institutes as well as get the CIC designation, the individual should:

  • be the broker, licensed agent, solicitor, or adjuster, or
  • must have at least 2 years of job experience in an insurance company or as the risk management practitioner, or
  • must be as the full-time insurance faculty member at the accredited college or some university

5 Institutes

There’re 5 CIC institutes. Every institute is 2 and a half days of the coursework (twenty hours total). It is followed by a two-hour essay exam which needs just in case of obtaining a designation. A CIC program is the continuing education program. It is also a professional certification program. An eligible individual might attend the classes without any examinations and work towards a designation. The courses reflect laws & regulations in a state in which an institute is located.

  1. Personal lines institute: It addresses insurance requirements of the families, individuals, and family members. It also explains many complexities of the state-specific lines forms.
  2. Commercial casualty institute: It covers the Commercial General Liability, Business Auto, Ocean Marine, Inland Marine, Commercial Excess or Umbrella Liability coverage.
  3. Commercial property institute: It covers many ways to increase coverage for different kinds of the commercial property accounts.
  4. Life and health institute: It offers basic and necessary background knowledge for the property as well as casualty agents in order to succeed in life & health insurance market.
  5. Agency management institute: It covers internal operations and the elements which are essential to run the agency. One case study is used in the whole program for the practical application of different methods, theories, and procedures.

Any CIC candidate might earn a CIC designation by completing the 4 CIC institutes and 1 Certified Risk Managers (CRM) course. CRM, as well as CIC designations, could be earned through completing 9 programs: any 4 of CIC institutes as well as all 5 CRM courses (Practice of Risk Management, Principles of Risk Management, Financing of Risk, Analysis of Risk, and Control of Risk).

Fee-Based Insurance Adviser/Counselor/Consultant

The fee-based life and health insurance counselor is actually what you want in case you are not obvious what kind of the insurance you require.  As you pay the counselor directly. So there is no permission for him to get the commission or a kick-back.  This way, you could be obvious that the advice or the counsel which you get is totally unbiased.

It is good that the fee-based life and health insurance counselor would most likely need to review your entire insurance portfolio.  A counselor is conditioned reviewing how the whole insurance portfolio actually works. He identifies the areas which aren’t safe. He works with you in order to position the insurance plans in order to meet the financial needs.

Agents and counselors aren’t one thing.  In case you hire the insurance counselor then you would still require using the insurance agent.  A premium for insurance would be just the same as in case you didn’t retain the insurance counselor.  You would not have a break on the premiums by using the fee-based insurance counselor.

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