Temporary Car Insurance

Another name of the temporary car insurance is short-term insurance. The temporary car insurance offers a cover to you between 1 & 28 days. This might be quite helpful in case you want such a policy in order to cover over just a few days. Because either you are moving your home or you want to borrow your friend’s car.

Can I Add Someone to the Temporary Car Insurance Policy?

Definitely, there is an option for including your friend or some relative to the existing temporary car insurance policy. You must you require to do so. But it may not be a very cheap way in order to arrange a cover you want. And this might jeopardize a no-claims bonus in case whoever borrows the car has the accident when driving it.

Moreover, in case something has occurred to your auto when your friend or a relative was using the auto and you wanted to make the insurance claim, which will definitely mean a rise in the premium of next year – while claiming on the separate as well as temporary car insurance policy will not have an effect on the personal car coverage in such a way.

May I Purchase The Temporary Car Insurance If I Am less than 25 Years Of Age?

The insurance providers are typically quite happy to give a cover to the driver more than the age of 18 as well as less than 75. But when this comes to the temporary car insurance then you might find out that the insurance providers are not willing to provide a cover to someone below the age of twenty-one. The drivers who are aged between 21 & 25 typically can purchase the short-term insurance.

In case you have the points on the driving license then the last motoring convictions or the history of making auto insurance claims, you might also find this out quite tough to purchase the temporary car insurance.

Is There More That I Need To Know?

This is crucial to be well-aware that purchasing the occasionally temporary car insurance is actually not the viable alternative to the continuously insuring the auto that you have.

When you may figure out that you can insure your car which you do not actually drive quite often as. And when you want to use your car. It is now not legal anymore.

Under the rules of the Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE), this is the offense to have an auto which is not either registered or insured with the DVLA as off a road, through a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).

How Could I Have the Best Deal on the Temporary Car Insurance?

As with the other type of the insurance, a key to having the best deal is actually shopping around.

Firstly try to figure out what kind of a  coverage you actually want to get. And thus for how long you want to keep that with you. Then you need to just compare different kinds of the quotes from several providers before taking a decision. MoneySuperMarket’s directory of short-term auto insurance providers is one nice place to begin the research.

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