Flood Insurance Policy

What is Flood Insurance Policy?

The flood insurance policy is the financial instrument. It secures the real property from the water damages to the contents and structure of the property. As the flood insurance that you buy from various insurance companies. So, all of the policies are actually federally regulated. Hence the same policy typically costs the same price. It does not matter which insurance company it is bought through.

Breaking Down the Flood Insurance

As the typical hazard insurance policy does not actually cover the flooding. So the occupant should buy the separate policy for the security against the flood damages. For the properties in the higher-risk areas, the lenders often require the mortgaged homeowners to have the flood insurance in order to secure the structure. This’s up to the homeowners whether to buy the additional coverage for the contents of the property that include clothing and furniture.

There are different flood insurance policies. They available for the homes as well as the commercial properties. The homes that are financed by the federally backed lender need the flood insurance in case they’re located in the special flood hazard area. The renters might also buy the flood insurance policies. They cover the personal property in the single-family home, condominium, apartment, or business property.

The Federal Program

The Congress had enacted a legislation in the year 1968 which actually established the National Flood Insurance Program. Hence, the NFIP makes the availability of the flood insurance to all of the renters, homeowners, and business owners in different participating communities. Such communities should adopt as well as enforce such policies which exceed or meet those of Federal Emergency Management Agency in order to take part in a program.

The Risk

The flooding happens regularly within all of the fifty states. And, just some inches of the flooding in the home might cause so many dollars of the damage. For the people in the FEMA’s special flood zones, chances of the damages because of the flooding are much higher than those of the fire. But, 20 % of the flood insurance claims actually come from the properties which are outside such zones.

Contents and Buildings

Applications for the flood insurance contain an option for the insurance of the contents and building, but buying the coverage for such contents is basically optional. So, refusing the content coverage actually leaves the personal property in a building uninsured in the flood.

Commercial Properties

The commercial properties aren’t typically immune from the flood damage. And thus the damages are quite often higher than those which have linkage with the residential flooding. The flooding of the business might result in the devastating loss of finance. And more than twenty-five percent of the businesses which close because of the floods do not actually reopen.

Waiting Period

Many of the flood insurance policies have a thirty-days waiting period and it between the purchase of a policy and the start of the coverage. Purchasing the policy due to the approaching storm or due to nearby flooding isn’t likely to give the coverage for an immediate danger.


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